Adam Harris: The Introducer as Vistage Chair

Vistage is the world’s oldest, most venerable personal and professional development advisory board. Members outperform the competition by an average of 300%. Impressive, but has Vistage UK gone daft? Installing upstart Adam Harris as the youngest Chair in its history?

A position like this calls for august executives, the wisdom that comes with years, tweed coats with elbow patches. A position like this requires a flexible, adaptable leader who can move at the speed of business. Who understands the complexities of a global marketplace and the importance of leveraging healthy networks. Though he has no elbow patches, thankfully, Adam is ahead of the curve when it comes to being business-savvy. They don’t call him “The Introducer” for nothing.

Better Together: Peer-to-Peer Success

“It’s lonely at the top” may be a terrible cliché, but that makes it no less true. Top executives and owners often face isolation and a dearth of people in whom they can confide and seek support. Vistage changes this, offering a peer-to-peer model so that executives can grow into leaders.

Non-competitive (wouldn’t do to share trade secrets with the “other guy”, would it?) groups of about a dozen executives share experiences, discuss challenges, evaluate opportunities, and solve an assortment of strategic, operational, and sometimes personal, issues in a collaborative, moderated environment.

Recently, Adam has become an International Ambassador and Advisory board member for Vistage Networks. Vistage Networks are communities of members and Chairs who connect online, in person, and at special events that are centered around shared interests and industries. Together, they learn and share knowledge with a goal of becoming better leaders and improving their businesses. Network activities follow Vistage group norms of confidentiality, trust and respect, giving all members a common ground and safe haven for building meaningful relationships.

Adam also runs peer groups, advisory boards, forums, and panel discussions for other organisations internally and for other customers and stakeholders.

Leverage the Power of Your Connections

Success in the 21st century: it’s all about connections. Adam’s innovative strategies and advice will help you leverage the value of your network – and turn potential into power.

How Does A Vistage Group Help Your Growth As A Professional?

The role of the Vistage Chair is to ensure the quality of the discussion at every Vistage meeting so that participants gain valuable experience and wisdom. Accomplished leaders, a Vistage chair is part facilitator, part coach, and wholly committed to the success of their group members.


To maintain the momentum that the group meetings provide, Vistage chairs provide members with support through one-on-one coaching, access to leading expert speakers, customised best practice materials, and an online community of over 20,000 professionals worldwide.

Vistage UK group members benefit by:

  • Receiving direct and honest feedback from a trusted peer group.
  • Deriving actionable ideas that they can implement immediately into their business.
  • Creating a trusted forum in which they can share the issues they face daily, from payroll to personnel.
  • Participating in round-table discussions that present new perspectives to their business challenges.
  • Giving and taking. As much as members learn, and, receive from, the group, they add value back in for their peers.

Your Best Vistage Experience: Adam Harris And You

What it’s Like to Have Adam Harris as Your Vistage Chair

adam vistage 2

As a Vistage Chair, Adam focuses on the individuals – not their businesses – and is committed to helping them move forward. He works with his members, learning about their experiences, successes, and failures, to leverage their unique knowledge and skillset so that they can achieve their goals.

This approach enables his group to cover a depth and breadth of issues that can be quite profound and personal. Adam believes that showing a level of vulnerability allows for significant growth and that collaboration between the parts makes the whole stronger.

Adam brings his executive and entrepreneurial experience to his group. He prizes innovative solutions, continual improvement, networking, communication skills, and optimising business procedure – and will assist his group members in developing, strengthening, and leveraging these competencies in their work and lives.

Alert: You Only Grow From A Place Of Discomfort

Fair warning: there is no hiding when you work with Adam. No one is allowed to hide, including (and especially!) Adam. It’s out with it, put it on the table, and learn from it.

A trusted advisor, coach and mentor, Adam brings the requisite gravitas and authority to his Vistage group – and combines it with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to facilitate results for his members. And you thought Vistage had gone mad!