The Introducer in Action

As Adam Harris is keen on saying, “It’s not what you know or who you know, but who your connections know that matters.” And as he is adept at demonstrating, it’s not who delivers a talk to an audience – but who speaks to them.

Audiences at conferences and summits today embrace the speakers who float in on the hot air of rhetoric, enamored by sounds of their own voices, who, buoyed by their lofty opinions of themselves never quite touch down onto reality. They make the perfect ambient noise for a well-deserved cat nap.

In this regard, Adam is sure to be an utter failure. How is anyone to get any sleep with this chap about? With sharp insight, even sharper wit, and an innate ability to read the room, Adam refuses to deliver stock “presentations.” He creates unique experiences – and what’s more, bases them on solid entrepreneurial experience (more than anyone his age should rightly own!).

The Adam Harris Experience: Learning Can’t Happen If It’s A Bore

Adam delivers immediate and sustained value for your organisation. To achieve this, Adam prioritizes speaking with event organisers and inquiring about what you want to achieve. After your delegates walk out of the session, what do you want them to be talking about? What do you not want them to be saying?

Who better to ask than delegates themselves? Where possible, Adam speaks with a handful of delegates to ascertain their level of knowledge and understanding within that subject area. From this wealth of unique information about your specific organisation and the needs of your audience, Adam tailors the framework of his talk.

The Introducer In Action

Adam is the youngest Vistage Chair in history. He also happens to be quite good at it. See him in action – and see how he can spur you into action.

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The final piece of the puzzle is the audience on the day of the event. The environment. The energy. The cue cards? The PowerPoints?

No. Adam discards rigidity and canned remarks in favor of flexibility and adaptability. Like a teacher who senses when a pupil is about to launch a spitball at his turned head (a skill which made him quite a natural educator), Adam intuits when the audience’s needs have changed -and accommodates with clarity. And, as several have noted, with complete composure and nary a hair out of place despite a 180°flip.

What can a trolley boy turned CEO offer a room full of executives? Perfect, uninhibited honesty. Do not ask Adam to tell you what you want to hear; he will tell you what you need to hear. The difference? Results. For you, your audience, and your organisation.

With energy, passion, and ample interaction, Adam turns passive audiences into active participants.

A Sampling of Adam’s Keynote Addresses:

While each of Adam’s engagements is uniquely tailored to your needs, he does offer a selection of topics –ready for alteration to your requirements:

  • Innovation: The Lifeblood of Your Organisation. Will the tactics and strategies that brought you to success today work tomorrow? Utter rubbish! Why relentless innovation is the key to survival.
  • Networking for Sales Success. Healthy sales are directly related to a healthy, and wealthy, network; learn to take a strategic approach to network building and lead nurturing, or familiarise yourself with unreturned calls and cold leads.
  • Beyond Networking 101: Turn the stack of business cards into profitable relationships with the right approach, mindset, and tools. Learn how to get a meeting – and capitalise on the opportunity.
  • Need a Change? Change Your Mindset: Small adjustments every day deliver quick wins – and major long-term improvements.
  • 21st Century Technology and Business: Technology is a chimera; if you want to lead, don’t let it devour you. Harness the power of the Internet, social media, apps, integration, and innovation.