A Great Networker

“Adam is a great example of effective networking and is very generous in introducing great connections. He demonstrates the power of sharing contacts, encouraging people to liaise with each other, and further extending their networks.”

Nancy Benn

Direct PA Services

The Power of Connections

“Adam has made me realise that networking and connection building is as much about what you can do for other people as it is about what you can do for yourself. His thoughtful, generous and useful introductions will prove extremely valuable.”

Chris Everard

Vistage UK

Adam “Gets” It

“Adam is always enthusiastic and has an ability to quickly understand the big picture. I met Adam at a Networking Event. We subsequently engaged Adam’s services and have received reciprocal business from Adam.”

Trevor Harris


The Introducer In Action

Adam is the youngest Vistage chair in history. He also happens to be quite good at it. See him in action – and see how he can spur you into action.

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Very Understanding

“Adam shows an insightful understanding of what motivates individuals within a workplace not necessarily in terms of advice but more in a form that organically develops their intuitive thinking. ”

David Needham

Nottingham Trent University

No Hidden Agenda

“Adam has no hidden agenda and isn’t trying to influence any product or service. He has the ability to identify current subjects and business needs to inspire people to take action.”

Robert French

Talk Internet

Honest and Reassuring

“Having known Adam for many years, I can rely on his honest reflection on things. He has offered me options when there seemed none and gave me reassurances at times of doubt. Adam is keen to give back.”

Carl West

Consumer Choices