Who is this “Introducer”? What does he know about business? Networking? Success? and is he really as charming as everyone says? This Media kit contains information about Adam so you can get your information straight from the source. Have a question? Find out the answer.

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What’s Included:

Brand Guidelines

Curious as to how you can use Adam’s guidelines for promotion, publication, or advertisement? Check out his brand guidelines for a detailed overview of what’s acceptable – and what’s not – for Adam’s brand.

Powerpoint Template

Looking for a creative way to present? Download a custom PowerPoint template from The Introducer to spice up your presentations.


Adam’s unique 5-Minute Taxi concept asks you to envision the five people that would help you most if you were all in a taxi together. This tool puts the concept into PDF format so you can print and use!

Adam’s Bio

Looking for more information on The Introducer himself? You’re in luck. This PDF document provides a great synopsis of Adam’s accomplishments and who he is. (Plus, its got fun pictures!)

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Adam is the youngest Vistage chair in history. He also happens to be quite good at it. See him in action – and see how he can spur you into action.

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