Looking for a Creative, Out-of-the-Box Consultant? Stop Looking.

If you are in the market for a prescriptive, dogmatic consultant who will tell you exactly what to say, do and think – then you’re on the wrong website, mate. If you need a bloke who’s truly creative and delivers out-of-the-box thinking – so you can deliver out-of-the-box results – you’ve found your man.

As a Vistage Chair and a consultant, Adam Harris promises his members and clients that he will “help them learn what they do not know, see what they cannot see and do what they could not do.” With a trained resourcefulness, a passion for innovation and a host of signature tools and techniques, Adam’s advice adds significant value to your business – and to you as an individual.

Ditch the Consulting Nightmare

How does Adam’s dynamic consulting approach differ from others? For a start, it’s not a draconian affair that one dreads long before and regrets long after. True to the philosophy by which he’s always lived, Adam knows that any opportunity to learn and grow can also be an opportunity for fun. Consulting can – and should – be an enjoyable experience. Nobody ever said one can’t have a laugh as one tackles even the most serious business and career issues. And that’s just what he does.

Leverage the Power of Your Connections

Success in the 21st century: it’s all about connections. Adam’s innovative strategies and advice will help you leverage the value of your network – and turn potential into power.

A Unique Combination Of Wit And Method Gets The Job Done

With a little bit of cheek, Adam brings to the table his own tried-and-true consulting process that meets the individual needs of his clients. It would be easy for him to tell you what needs to be done. It may be easier for you if he tells you what needs to be done. But the easy road rarely leads to the goal. That comes when people in your workplace, who are submerged in your culture every day, contribute, collaborate and develop ideas.

That is what Adam does. He’s The Introducer; and he can introduce your people to new approaches to craft ideas and solutions. He favours an approach taught to him by two experts in his vast network: his daughters. Why? How?

Continually. All day. Every day. It’s enough to grate on one’s nerves – or inspire one to curiosity and greatness, so he uses targeted questioning to spark innovation and produce exceptional outcomes. Adam offers varying levels of support services, each guaranteed to yield results. If you are not satisfied that you’ve achieved your goals, you will receive your investment back in full.

Adam Harris’ dynamic consulting approach encompasses the critical areas that can propel your business and career to success:


Tap into the potential of your connections and create a network that works for you. Adam will coach you to develop the skills you need to network effectively – even if you hate schmoozing, glad-handing, meeting and greeting, or wining and dining. Build strong professional relationships; identify which connections are invaluable; quantify your network, and become a better referrer.


Do away with the tired status quo with the strategic sales training bound to increase conversions. As the efficacy of cold calls diminishes, sales teams face new challenges in the Age of the Internet. With crowded marketplaces and more consumers seeking content online, UK salesforces are quick to buy, use and subscribe to costly sales and marketing programs and tools – but they leave a critical resource unmined: personal development.

Adam can help your sales team incorporate strategic mid- to long-term changes and a collaborative approach to bolster sales in a new, highly competitive era.


Drive your business forward by looking ahead – a reactionary approach only works when you’re moving backwards. Adam delves into your business, works to identify pain points, and helps you devise a proper plan to overcome the unique challenges you face – while seizing opportunities.

A business relationship expert, Adam’s advice teaches you how to maximise and leverage connections, manage conflict and ensure your relationships become assets on your balance sheet.


Jump in to a culture of innovation. How? Embrace flexibility. Inspire creative thinking. Find new ways to solve problems. But innovation should never mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater – nor tolerating unnecessary risk. Learn from Adam, a natural-born creative thinker, how to foster a culture of creativity at your organization, to boost excitement and engagement with your staff and results for your business while mitigating risk by practicing thoughtful innovation.

Social Media/Technology

Don’t get left behind. Social selling has become more prominent; there is no doubt that social networking is incredibly popular – no, ubiquitous – and has been widely adopted for business use. But sales managers are racing – and struggling – to keep up, let alone find innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. With Adam’s assistance, discover how to leverage social media, instead of simply hopping on the bandwagon.

Fresh Mindsets

Revolutionize your business. Create a culture of innovation. Leverage 21st century technology. It all sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? For a reason: it is. But with a few simple changes in mindset and a few calculate alterations in your daily activities, you can achieve the big gains you need. Find out how Adam’s patented Fresh Mindset approach can make the difference you want in business, in your network, and even your life.