Meet the Introducer: Adam Harris

If you don’t already, you’re going to want to have Adam Harris in your network.

Why? Because it’s not what you know, or who you know, it’s who your connections know that counts. Adam can help with that. The world’s youngest Vistage Chair and (usually) successful entrepreneur, Adam helps business leaders develop and leverage strategic networks for enhanced results. He is The Introducer.

With his innate creativity, unique insights, and storied past as a trolley boy, Adam skilfully dismantles everything audiences thought they knew about networking, introductions, leadership, sales strategy – and success. Then he helps to rebuild those ideas.

If it’s comfortable, Adam wants no part of it. He throws himself into uncomfortable situations as a challenge, as a way to skate closer and closer to the “edge of glory.” Even as a child, his need to question the status quo was obvious as he asked and aggravated parents and teachers with endless “whys?”.

Adam’s entrepreneurial streak showed itself early as well: at age 12, he ran a sort of neighourhood car-washing empire. In true Tom Sawyer style, he gathered other children to do the manual labour while he supervised. Like Tom, Adam didn’t seek trouble out so much as accept it as the cost of doing business his way. As an undergrad, for instance, he was nearly thrown out of university for organizing a Cabaret. He’d managed to hack his way into the college’s computer system and send out invites to 26,000 students and staff. Perhaps one of the staff enjoyed the party because he was allowed to graduate.

From there, he decided to embark on a career in teaching for much the same reason anyone decides to pursue education: because he thought he would be able to impart wisdom and guidance to students. Silly, Adam! Buried under paperwork and disenchanted with bureaucracy, that illusion faded quickly.

Leverage the Power of Your Connections

Success in the 21st century: it’s all about connections. Adam’s innovative strategies and advice will help you leverage the value of your network – and turn potential into power.

From Trolley Boy to CEO via the Scenic Route

Adam took his training and ill-gotten tech experience and put it to new use: starting an IT recycling business. Seeing an opportunity, his nascent company, ProVISION IT, refreshed the equipment it removed from large organizations and sold it to smaller companies, schools, and institutions. With impending legislation pushing him, Adam had a window to grow quickly – and he did..

Then what did he do? Adam sold his business to a larger recycling company and moved on. He then decided to pursue change and growth of a different sort. Up until then, life had been fairly easy, but then his wife became pregnant. Responsibility kicked in, and Adam decided to move on to a new career opportunity. He became the Chief Executive of an IT trade association, Technology Channels Association. Within 12 months, he had grown it by 40% and facilitated its merger into a large American-based global trade association CompTIA.

What was next, aside from being a father? Which is quite enough, especially since he now has two lovely – lively – daughters, Amelie, age 6, and Evelin, age 2, with his wife and doctor of philosophy in Graduate Entrepreneurship (another interesting story…..let Adam tell you), Naomi. Adam has whiled away his time speaking, consulting, training, and running a successful Vistage group for CEOs and business owners in the East Midlands.

His passion and expertise have made Adam a respected and trusted advisor, while his charm and good looks have made him a highly sought-after and award-winning speaker. As Adam says, “I know I don’t have all the answers, but I know where to go to find them.” And he knows how to convey them to leaders – including those much his senior – in a way that is clear, articulate, and actionable.

Today, Adam specializes in providing leaders with the insights and tools they need to develop expertise in making the right introductions, and leverage this knowledge for strategic sales success. In other words, he’ll help you determine who and what you need to know, and who and what they need to know, to produce measurable and sustainable business results.

A dynamic and powerful speaker – really, though, he’s not just saying that – Adam brings audiences to their own “edge of glory,” pushing them to question their status quos and affect positive change within their organizations through introductions and the leveraging of networks and contacts.

Contact Adam

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